Word Cookies Christmas 2022 Event Answers

Word Cookies Christmas Event AnswersWord Cookies is one of the top games for the moment. This game has been on the top of Word Games in Play Store and App Store for almost all years 2018-2022. Word Cookies is developed by Bitmango which is an well known company. Other games developed by this company are: Word Jumble Champion and Words Crush: Hidden Words. We are fans of this game and we have solved all their levels starting from Home Baker until Competent Pack. The solutions that we have posted here are categorized and very easy to navigate through them and very easy to find the correct answers for specific levels. Below we have posted Christmas 2022 Event Answers. Play these Special Levels for Christmas to earn coins.

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 1 Answers

blunt, bluntly, bull, bully, bun, but, buy, nub, nut, tub

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 2 Answers

dam, dame, dames, dams, mad, made, mass, massed, mead, mess, sad, same, sea, seam, seams, seas

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 3 Answers

age, ague, are, argue, arguer, auger, ear, era, erg, err, gear, rag, rage, rare, rear, rue, rug, urea, urge

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 4 Answers

dig, dill, din, dug, dull, dulling, dun, dung, gill, gin, gnu, guild, gull, gun, ill, lid, lug, lung, nil, null

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 5 Answers

ape, apes, ask, pea, peak, peaks, peas, pes, sae, sake, sap, sea, ska, skep, spa, spae, spake, speak

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 6 Answers

cod, code, coded, coder, cord, corded, core, credo, deco, decor, doe, doer, odd, odder, ode, ore, red, redo, rod, rode, roe

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 7 Answers

ale, dale, deaf, deal, elf, elk, fad, fade, fake, faked, fed, flak, flake, flaked, flea, fled, kale, lad, lake, lea, lead, leaf, leak, led

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 8 Answers

deer, desire, die, dies, dire, dries, eider, ire, red, reds, reed, reeds, reside, rid, ride, rides, rids, rise, see, seed, seer, side, sir, sire, sired

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 9 Answers

delve, devolve, doe, dole, dove, eel, eve, evolve, evolved, led, lee, lode, love, loved, ode, old, voe, vole

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 10 Answers

epic, epics, ice, icepick, icepicks, ices, peck, pecks, pick, picks, pie, pies, pike, pikes, sec, sic, sick, sip, ski, skip, speck, spice, spike

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 11 Answers

Aid, Daily, Day, Dial, Had, Hail, Halo, Hay, Hid, Hod, Hold, Holiday, Holy, Idly, Idol, Lad, Lady, Laid, Lay, Lid, Lido, Load, Oil, Oily, Old

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 12 Answers

den, doe, dole, don, done, due, duel, dun, dune, duo, end, eon, led, lend, lode, lone, loud, ludo, lune, nod, node, nodule, nude, ode, old, olden, one, undo

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 13 Answers

beg, blue, bluer, blur, bug, bugle, bugler, bulge, burgle, erg, gel, glue, grub, gruel, leg, lug, lure, rub, rue, rug, rule, urge

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 14 Answers

cess, chess, cud, cue, cued, cues, cuss, duchess, due, dues, hue, hues, scud, scuds, sec, she, shed, sheds, such, sud, suds, sue, sued, sues, use, used, uses

Word Cookies Christmas Event Pack 15 Answers

demon, den, doe, doer, dome, don, done, drone, end, eon, men, mend, mode, modern, more, nerd, nod, node, nor, norm, normed, ode, omen, one, ore, red, redo, rend, rod, rode, roe

aWord Cookies Christmas Event Pack 16 Answers

ir, airflow, fail, fair, far, fir, flair, flaw, flora, flow, foal, foil, for, fowl, frail, fro, lair, law, liar, lira, loaf, low, oaf, oar, oil, oral, owl, rail, raw, row, waif, wail, war, wolf

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